Craft Beer & Brewing Media Kit
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DIGITAL Advertising

EMAIL, DISPLAY, VIDEO, SOCIAL, and More Modern Channels to meet your marketing goals

The email blast we did with Craft Beer & Brewing last week was the most successful email campaign we have ever done. The quality of the email list could easily be measured by the visits we had to our website. Our email generated the largest single day website visits Ska Fabricating has ever had. Thanks and keep up the great work!
— Don Carnes, Marketing Director



Reach 70k+ passionate beer lovers in their most engaged medium, their inbox.

  • Email subscribers: 70,000+

  • Typical open rate: 18% - 32%

  • Targeted sub-segments such as pro-brew, homebrew, and geographical regions are also available


Display Advertising

Reach our passionate audience of beer lovers with industry leading click-through rates, banner size, and banner placement. 

  • Highest CTR (minimum 50k impressions): 2.27%

  • Typical CTR range: 0.2 - 0.5%

  • Larger unit sizes for better branding and engagement


Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsor our weekly podcast, featuring industry leading guests ranging from wiley veterans (Ken Grossman, Founder, Sierra Nevada) to trendy upstarts (e.g. Henry & Adriana Nguyen, Founders, Monkish Brewing). 

  • Listenership range: 14,000 - 34,000

  • Brewery owners: 14% of listeners (1,960 - 4,760 people/episode)

  • Work at a brewery: 26% of listeners (3,640 - 8,840 people/episode)


Sponsored + Native Content

Get your message in front of the millions of readers of Craft Beer & Brewing, both in print and digitally. 

  • annual page views: 10,000,000+

  • Typical read time per article: 2:15 - 8:32

  • We can work with you to craft your story

Example: New Brewery Spotlight: Area Two Experimental Brewing

Example: Beginner’s Guide To Grain Handling


Social Posts

Post your message on our social channels to reach our hundreds of thousands of followers. 

  • Facebook followers: 82,000+

  • Twitter reach: 50,000+/month

  • Pinterest reach: 450,000+/month

  • Instagram followers: 23,500+


HOSTED Campaigns + Lead Collection

Want us design and host a giveaway or product page for you on Leverage the SEO our domain carries to launch a successful landing page.

  • Latest giveaway emails collected: 15,000+

  • Landing page conversion rate average: 72%

  • We can run A/B tests to dial in your perfect page


Video Campaigns 

More of a visual storyteller? We can promote your video across all of our social channels, host it on our website, and get you in front of the audience that cares. 

  • Youtube minutes watched: 4,400,000/year

  • annual page views: 10,000,000+

  • Typical video watches: 10,000+/video


Digital Advertising Packages


Digital Packages

Our most popular digital packages for breweries and suppliers (homebrew and pro brew), reaching our online, audio, and social media consumers in significant and engaging ways wherever they are. This package includes:



Total Market Coverage (TMC) Packages

TMC Packages are ideal for Total Market Coverage of all Unfiltered Media Group. LLC audiences including homebrewers, pro brewers, craft beer consumers, and industry professionals.

TMC Packages include advertising in both Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® and the Brewing Industry Guide publications—total of 10 consecutive issues! They also include Web Ads on and Sponsored eNewsletters and social media campaigns are built into these packages, as well as video and/or podcast campaigns. Contact us for details.