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Advertising Strategies for Equipment Companies

Over 75% of our readers said they have sought out a product that was advertised or featured in our magazine. We've worked with dozens of suppliers to get their products in front of our readers who make decisions. From building a brand through storytelling to announcing product releases, we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

We took a flyer on Craft Beer & Brewing and took out a full page ad in their launch issue. Call it just a hunch, but it seemed at the time they were doing something above and beyond the rest. And to be honest, they still are! Whether it is the eBlasts, the print advertising, or the brewing retreats, we are getting great bang for the buck with our spend and are reaching a good spread of both home and pro brewers. The people at CB&B are really what make it all work. Just like any business, it’s all about the people behind the scenes making it all happen. They make it happen! Just look at the content they keep knocking out! That’s why we keeping coming back month after month, issue after issue. Cheers!
— Mitch Thomson, CEO/Cofounder, Ss Brewtech


Feature Your Products AMONG Our EDITORIAL PAGES

  • 100,000+ print readers/issue of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®

  • 35,000+ print readers/issue of the Brewing Industry Guide

  • 60,000+ emails sent/issue of featured to subscribers with featured products

  • You control the message


Inform Our Audience Through Print Advertisements

  • We continue to have the highest newsstand distribution of any beer magazine in the craft beer market through high quality channels like Whole Foods, Wegmans, Safeway, Sprouts, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and many more

  • 51% of Brewing Industry Guide Readers are brewery owners, head brew masters, or primary investors in their brewery or brew pub.

  • Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® readers spend more than $1,500 annually on craft beer

  • 53% of our readers have a HHI of $100,000 or more



  • Reach hundreds of thousands of readers on a platform that matters to them

  • Run a native campaign across print + digital

  • Promotional support of the article through email, social, and distribution channels (Apple News, Flipboard)


Target Email Subscribers and Website Visitors

  • 60k+ email newsletter subscribers to announce an upcoming event, beer release, or bottle club

  • Millions of website to visitors to attract with industry leading click-through rates

  • 14k+ podcast listeners per episode to get in front of the biggest craft beer fans


Share a Visual Story Through Video Pre-Roll and Facebook/Instagram

  • 10,000,000+ website visitors per year to tell your visual story through video campaigns

  • 120,000+ social followers to influence on the channels you care about

  • You control the creative, we'll get it in front of the most passionate beer audience around


Build Your Email List Through Hosted Campaigns + Native Email Collectors

  • Leverage the SEO our domain carries to launch a successful landing page.

  • 15,000+ emails collected in latest giveaway

  • 72% landing page conversion rate

  • Run A/B tests to dial in your perfect page

  • Launch native email popups on our domains



  • Listenership range: 14,000 - 34,000

  • Brewery owners: 14% of listeners (1,960 - 4,760 people/episode)

  • Work at a brewery: 26% of listeners (3,640 - 8,840 people/episode)

  • Sponsorship includes 25 second pre- and post-roll, sponsor link in podcast article, and acknowledgement in podcast description


Work with our creative team to deploy a campaign across Craft Beer & Brewing Channels and Beyond

If you have a story that needs telling, a brand that needs developing, or want to leverage the latest in creative and technical strategies for deepening your relationship with consumers, talk to us about our in-house agency, Unfiltered Creative. We craft hard-working brands through every consumer touchpoint, from brand design to social media strategy, video development, native ad campaigns, taproom and product planning, app development, and more. Our principals have built and grown successful brands across a variety of markets. Most importantly, we are partners not consultants and hone our approaches through real-world application in our own businesses.