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Craft Beer & Brewing Provides The PlatformS to Reach those who Make and drink great beer

If you’re trying to reach the passionate, highly-engaged brewing and craft-beer consumer, there is no better way to do it than through the Craft Beer & Brewing channels. With top-quality content delivered through diverse channels (print, digital, events, social, video, apps) to large audiences, it is a cost-effective way to build your brand, help consumers discover your products, and engage with craft-beer consumers on a wide scale.

More than 2,000,000 people Engage with our content every month!



You're In Good Company

Our advertising partners reach millions of passionate beer makers and drinkers year after year



“Craft Beer & Brewing is the only beer magazine we consistently advertise in, and that’s for a very specific reason. Of all the beer publications we have worked with, Craft Beer & Brewing is one of the only magazines that has a responsive and informed audience that actually takes the time to respond to our ads.”


Print Advertising

Two Publications For Hyper-TargetED Marketing

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® is the magazine for those who make and drink great beer. The successful strategy of spanning the beer consumer and beer creator markets has earned us prominent and coveted newsstand space at some of the world’s best retailers, including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Wegmans, Safeway, Sprouts, and many more. Buyers for these re- tail giants know that quality sells, and Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® is the top selling beer magazine on America’s newsstands for this reason. Craft Beer & Brewing is the newsstands #1 selling beer magazine.


The Brewing Industry Guide

The independent magazine that examines the challenges and opportunities facing in-planning, new, and growing breweries from the editors of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®! If you’re trying to reach important decision makers in the world of commercial brewing, there is no better way to do it than through the Brewing Industry Guide. We deliver top-quality content through diverse channels to a focused and engaged audience. The Brewing Industry Guide is the cost-effective way to build your brand and help industry professionals discover your products and services.



“We are getting great bang for our buck and are reaching a good spread of both home and pro brewers!”


DIGITAL Advertising

EMAIL, DISPLAY, VIDEO, SOCIAL, and More Modern Channels to meet your marketing goals



Reach 70k+ passionate beer lovers in their most engaged medium, their inbox.

  • Email subscribers: 60,000+

  • Typical open rate: 18% - 32%

  • Targeted sub-segments such as pro-brew, homebrew, and geographical regions are also available


Display Advertising

Reach our passionate audience of beer lovers with industry leading click-through rates, banner size, and banner placement. 

  • Highest CTR (minimum 50k impressions): 2.27%

  • Typical CTR range: 0.2 - 0.5%

  • Larger unit sizes for better branding and engagement


Podcast Sponsorship

Sponsor our weekly podcast, featuring industry leading guests ranging from wiley veterans (Ken Grossman, Founder, Sierra Nevada) to trendy upstarts (e.g. Henry & Adriana Nguyen, Founders, Monkish Brewing). 

  • Listenership range: 12,000 - 20,000

  • Brewery owners: 14% of listeners (1,680 - 2,800 people/episode)

  • Work at a brewery: 26% of listeners (3,120 - 5,200 people/episode)

  • Sponsorship includes: 20 second pre- and post-roll, sponsor link in podcast article, and acknowledgement in podcast description


Sponsored + Native Content

Get your message in front of the millions of readers of Craft Beer & Brewing, both in print and digitally. 

  • annual page views: 7,000,000+

  • Typical read time per article: 2:15 - 6:32

  • We can work with you to craft your story


Social Posts

Post your message on our social channels to reach our hundreds of thousands of followers. 

  • Facebook followers: 80,000+

  • Twitter reach: 50,000+/month

  • Pinterest reach: 450,000+/month

  • Instagram followers: 20,000+


HOSTED Campaigns + Lead Collection

Want us design and host a giveaway or product page for you on Leverage the SEO our domain carries to launch a successful landing page.

  • Latest giveaway emails collected: 15,000+

  • Landing page conversion rate average: 72%

  • We can run A/B tests to dial in your perfect page


Video Campaigns 

More of a visual storyteller? We can promote your video across all of our social channels, host it on our website, and get you in front of the audience that cares. 

  • Youtube minutes watched: 1,000,000/year

  • annual page views: 6,000,000+

  • Typical video watches: 10,000+/video



Reach the most engaged audience, in person


Craft Beer & Brewing Brewers Retreats

In 2015, Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® changed the landscape of brewing events with our first-ever Brewers Retreat, and each event since has garnered rave reviews from attendees (including homebrewers, professional brewers, and breweries in planning) and the master brewer hosts from the country’s leading breweries. These events allow participants to brew on homebrew systems with some of the world’s best over four days in one-of-a-kind locations, including pairing dinners, social gatherings, informational seminars, and more.


Craft Beer & Brewing Brewery Workshops

Our workshops help brewery entrepreneurs build and grow great businesses. Participants walk away with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and vital contacts as they take their next steps. You can be one of those vital contacts.

Minnesota Craft Beer Festival

The 4th annual MCBF will be April 13, 2019 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. This 6,000+ attendees sold-out event hosts over 120 breweries, and offers unlimited tasting of more than 400 specialty craft beers, including both rare and limited-distribution beers.